Sleds Midwest

A Car Show to Remember

 2008-2014 Feature Car & Builder - Kurt McCormick

 Kurt McCormick and his 54 Cadillac



    Kurt's first car at 16 was a 51 ford.  He had many custom ideas for his 51, but it never happened. In 1968, at 24, he bought his first custom - it was a 1950 chopped merc which he bought from Webber Park Motors (a used car lot) in Afton, MO for $150.00! Ten years later he bought his first of many Barris Kustoms which was the Parisienne a 1954 Cadillac Eldorado. Over time Kurt was buying and restoring Barris Kustoms from all over the country.  Today Kurt is well known as a wealth of knowledge. His extensive private collection includes in chronological order....the Johnny Zaro 40 Merc Coupe(Barris), the Tony Paisano/Herb Ogden 1941 Buick Roadmaster Conv (Barris); the Buddy Alcorn 50 Merc (Barris); the Sam Barris 50 Buick; the Milton Melton 54 Cadillac Eldorado (Parisienne); the Rod and Custom Dream Truck a 50 Chevy Pick up; the Harry Westergard 41 Caddy Conv (which was a feature car at the 2008 SLEDS IN SEPTEMBER event) and last but not least the Doc Wetzel 32 Channeled Roadster.

   Make sure you drop in at the 2012 SLEDS IN SEPTEMBER and visit with Kurt. The history and beauty of his cars are timeless and you need to see them in person. 



 2014 Feature Car & Builder - Gary Mundy

     Another year, Another Kool Kustom, by the Master Builder - Gary Mundy.   Come see it at Sleds !




   2013 Feature Car


 Gary Mundy - Independence Kansas    

  Gary got out of the Air Force in 62' interested and started building motorcycles until 1966,  then he built a 40 ford with olds engine -the first of his numerous kustoms he has built to date.  The next car he built was in 1968 was a 32 Roadster.  He built the 32 in a dirt floor garage, that at night you could count the starts from inside the garage due to the quality construction of the roof!

   After the 32 that was built in that fine shop, he started on a 48 Plymouth coupe....about that time he heard that guys in California were sub framing cars, and he knew that was something he could do, so once the sub framed Plymouth was completed, Gary and his wonderful wife Getta were on the road every weekend to a car show or car run some where!

   39 Kustom cars built by him, for him, and 25 plus floor pans for friends and others that he has helped. 

 We don't know how he has escaped fame and fortune, with the talent and tenacity he has had over    the years, coming out each year with a new unique kustom. He is very deserving of recognition and as far as we are concerned it is over due! Mid-westerners know to look for Gary's new ride each season.  The best part is they are all drivers.  The ride he has come up with on his cars are second to none.  He has perfected the floor pan ....we know, as we personally have had the pleasure of owning 3 Mundy Kustoms, and they all drove (floated) like a dream.  

   If you don't already know Gary, stop by, check out his car (cars) and talk shop.  He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. 




Feature Cars - Grabowski's Kookie II and Kookie Monster & Kinda Fresh Fish Truck



 The FAMOUS NORM GRABOWSKI  from 77 Sunset Strip built these 3 FAMOUS feature cars and are now owned by his family who will be attending SLEDS MIDWEST. 


Pictured below Grabowski's  "Kinda Fresh Fish Truck".  PLEASE READ EVEN more info on the History and photos of these great Feature cars - please click this link. 





 2014 Feature Car & Builder - Carl Green


   1995 Dodge 0ne ton limousine stretch first limo in Dodge chassis ever built


Although he isn't as old as some of the "Old Masters" of customizing, Carl Green has worked with all the great names over the last four decades. Barris, Winfield, Jeffries, Dave Puhl to name just a few. This was the path to follow for aspiring young customizers back then.
What he learned about chopping and reshaping metal you can't get at Wyotech. Through all his ventures he has chopped, channeled, and sectioned dozens of old cars, new cars, and even chopped a Datsun Z-car he built for Evel Knievel. He has learned the hard lesson that you have to work with the metal, not against it. In the art of metal shaping, he is probably best known for his hammer- welding skills, that are matched by few.

   He has been called upon by writers and editors to work on their own cars, such as Tom Medley's V-Rod, Spence Murray's Westergard-style '36 roadster and the rebuild/restoration of the R&C Dream Truck. He salvaged the roached '32 roadster body that became Jay Storer's "Clean-Air Deuce" R & C magazine project car.. When THE DEUCE FACTORY owner Roy Fjastad needed a chop on his now famous '32 Ford tudor sedan, he called on Carl Green. Carl took possession of the car on a Thursday and called Roy the following Monday to pick up his chopped deuce sedan. That’s when Roy coined the phrase “Carl Green, the chopping machine”. Carl has partnered with best friend Gene Winfield to create many special projects, movie cars, street rod and radical custom creations.
When the late Otis Chandler (owner of the LA Times newspaper) wanted a couple dozen of his rarest vehicles restored for his museum, including Steve Mcqueen's Porsche 917K from Le Mans fame, he called on Carl to handle the challenge.  Carl Green will be at the 2012 Sleds in September Car show and we hope to have a couple of his creations present.  

Kurt McCormick and his Gorgeous Dream Truck which Carl helped resurrect was on hand at the 2011 Sleds.  We plan on having several of Carls' Creations on hand at the 2012 event.





   2009 Feature Car and Builder 

  Larry Grobe - Schaumburg, IL

About VooDoo Larry Kustoms

“VooDoo” Larry started building cars in his driveway when he was 18 years old. He was a staple at local cruise nights and car shows. Everyone always looked forward to spring to see what he had done to his cars after the long winter. Fast forward 25 years and VooDoo Larry can be found at his shop, VooDoo Larry Kustoms , located in Schaumburg, IL.

His shop is 4,500 square feet of kustom and hot rod heaven. At any given time, there are complete frame up builds along side the daily drivers waiting for a mild kustom treatment. The shop is not state of the art, but VooDoo Larry puts his heart and soul into every build and modification.

Larry is a master fabricator and a kool guy and we are honored that he and his family attended the 2009 Sleds in September and brought the Voodoo Idol - an awesome 46 Ford!




   VooDoo Larry's 46 Ford, the VooDoo Idol, was featured in issue #31of Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine and was a feature car at the 2009 Sleds in September in Branson.  


2009 Feature Car & Builder - Dave Dolman & his 1950 Merc Wagon


     Master Craftsman Dave Dolman brought his gorgeous creation (50 Merc Wagon) to our 2009 Sleds in September event!

2009 Feature Cars & Builder - Gary Howard


   Dan Richards 1949 Four Door Mercury built by Gary Howard